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The Beholder

Beauty - a joy - unsullied,

Be it in the tattering rain or the burning pain,

The azure pall or the crimson fall.

It remains sturdy like a tree,

Beholden by all but me.

In the distance I can see

And bask in the shadow cast by thee.

You show me dreams as I get closer, closer, and, closer...

And yet you runaway, leaving me the unsober hoping beholder.

You say it was not your day,

That this hour was not ours.

You say the ones I saw were but a mirage,

As you ask me to throw an axe,

To, once and for all, shake your bower,

As I cower, cower, and cower.

You tell me to let heaven pass me by,

Yet I still keep yearning to fall into your eyes.

You tell me to let eternity go,

To forget the seconds that you and I hold.

Until all that is left is your beauty,

And all that I have become is the beholder.

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