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Fifty Six

Context : This was written by an unknown young poet for a physics project. That young poet is no more as he has grown up to be an even sexier poet. To honor his legacy and heritage, and to fill the content dry spell before I'm eventually forced to release Lucius chapter 2, this has been made public. Please imagine rapping this for extra enjoyment.

A child once asked a typical physicist, 

Some questions that are being dramatized by this cynical lyricist, I ask that everyone take in jest, 

This critical pilar cyst. 

The child had a small doubt, 

He asked "What's physics all about?" 

The scientist replied " It's about everything from juices to music, If you choose it, you'll lose it!" 

"What is a vector? 

It breaks my mind in half like Hannibal Lecter!" 

"Well that's a part of mathematics but I'll explain it to you, They're quantities with direction and magnitude." 

"I don't get it." 

"Well, you'll never learn with that attitude! 

Magnitude is what is carried from one point to another, And direction ensures that other points you don't bother." 

"I see, well here's another conundrum, 

What does it mean when physics gets quantum, 

Everyone's confused from Long beach to Compton." 

"Well to understand it you have to go beyond an atom, You have to go subatomic, 

You have to understand that the position of a particle is never chronic. You can never predict where it is, you'll only know the chances, The only way to know fo sho is to glance it." 

After hearing this, the child left. 

Was he still confused, 

Was his interest subdued? 

There's no way to know unless observed, 

Unfortunately, this is as far as y'all will be served, 

This bard is glad that this tale was heard.

Thank you for listening to something so absurd.

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