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The Big Joke

A bird waddled to a ledge Looking at the soaring sky above, And fell off the edge Like an over optimistic dove.

A man, who bore witness, pulled out a bandage to wrap But the bird pulled itself up by the bootstrap And waddled back. The bird pretending to be unlike the median, Refused the man's help The man, a failed comedian, Said "welp!"

The bird fell off the edge again, But held in its cries of pain, The man offered to help again And put his hands on the bird's mane. But the bird shook him off And fell into a trough But he still stopped the man from coming to his aid And lifeless there it laid.

The man was a failed comedian as in his act, he had choked To make the bird's life easier, the man had hoped. In its own tears, the bird chose to be soaked, and the man laid in his realization that the world was the biggest joke.

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