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An Ode to the Zest Wind





These sounds are the longing of a mad hatter,

Powerless are all to your scatter.

Calmly driving the mighty to misery

As your lightning is hurdled at tenebrosity!

Your velvet thunder pushes away my eyes that could scorn Aphrodite,

While still obscuring your entirety

Still I have but a few enquiries.

To you the top of the mountain of plum blossoms,

And the bottom of unhallowed graves

Are but structures that are only of the order of benign,

I am as powerless in front of you as I am to the flow of time,

But are you powerful enough to alter this flow of mine?

You see, (or maybe you don't?)

Once my words flowed naturally

into the laughter like the Irrawaddy

flows into the Andaman sea

N- now t-they stu- stutter

in to an endless pit of fu- ferocity

I am sure my laughter was strong enough to be your brethren

So towards where are they fluttering?

Tell me, O sister of nature, will they come back to me?

Or Have I been trapped in my Chateau d'if?

Is there a promised where, (or when), I can be one with them?

They're just waiting for me to get better, right?

Tell me, o trumpet of prophecy,

Haven't I served sadness's fiefdom enough?


When will kingdom come?

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